Whether it's the teenagers playing online games, streaming the latest movies and TV, or simply keeping in touch with the office, we know how important a fast, reliable broadband connection is for today's households.

Thanks to our stable, fibre-backed wireless network, homes in rural South Warwickshire needn't feel like second-class citizens any more!

We offer three levels of residential broadband, offering three speed levels.  We offer robust solutions including everything you need to get going, support when you need it, plus VoIP telephony offering real savings on regular landline services.


residential packages & prices

Residential (Contended)

Connectivity to the property is wireless and includes one outdoor unit attached to the property gable end (typically) and 10m network cable run to suitable location within the property. Preconfigured router is included and will require access to a power socket. Pricing is subject to survey and includes VAT.


Download (upto)

Upload (upto)

Provisioning (new)

Contract term

Monthly Rental (by DD)





24 mths






24 mths






24 mths


*Subject to survey

Residential extras

Extras (all prices include VAT)

Supply Only of Internet Router and Wireless Access Point combined


Additional Wireless Receivers and Extenders – Supply only) for use in larger houses

£50 per extender

Installation of Router and Wireless


Other Services – IT Support etc

Ask for details

Residential Telephone Service

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Line Rental / User licence

£15 per handset per month (includes Basic handset)

Call Charges

Equal to or up to 20% cheaper than BT standard Business charges (call charge audit available)

Standard Features

Direct Dial Number and Internal Extension Call Filtering Service, Online Phone Portal

Over 30 features included as standard in the service

Voice mail, voice recording and mobile user license available as options

VoIP Phones

Can be either rented or purchased. If purchased line rental provided above reduces to £10 per month (ask for details)


Priced on Number of handsets and additional networking equipment. Ask for details

Hosted VoIP services should be supplied with a voice specified router that is QoS (Quality of Service) enabled. The system will work behind your normal broadband router but the service is then classed as best efforts. We determine what is right for the customer at the initial quote stage. Please call for details.