How does it work?

We use cutting edge fibre-optic technology married to contemporary wireless methodology to deliver super fast, reliable upload and download speeds.

1. Fibre backhaul: A private fibre that supports an agreed and supported bandwidth connection back to the UK backbone.

2. Fibre link: SWB use a licensed, exact alignment microwave for the first short-range ‘hop’ from the backhaul point  to the transmission equipment installed on the SWB Tower. This means that the bandwidth available on the fibre backhaul can be accessed at the tower.

3. Service distribution; 5.8Ghz is less directionally-specific than microwave and enables signal to be accessed by locations within a broader footprint. Microwave (typically 80Ghz) is direct to a single point, 5.8Ghz has elliptical characteristics enabling a number of locations to access service. Network access is achieved by ‘line of sight’ technology.

4. Not quite within the line of sight? Where the end user does not have direct sight of the transmission point, relays are deployed to act as bridging points on the network. This might mean that the radio pole is installed between the signal source and the required location or it might mean that another customer on the network acts as host to a consumer community.

Can I get financial help for the installation?

Yes! Thanks to the government's BDUK initiative, financial grants have been made available to approved locations in the UK. Atherstone on Stour and surrounds is a qualifying location.

Funding is typically by allocated amount. Fund availability will be confirmed at the time of application.

BDUK Broadband Connection Vouchers

We can offer help and support for your business to apply for a BDUK Grant to get connected to superfast broadband quickly. Where eligible customers not only get totally unlimited broadband with absolutely no usage caps, but now also the added peace of mind of up to £3,000 funding towards their services via the BDUK voucher scheme.

The Government has extended the Connection Voucher Scheme to 50 cities across the UK with £40m of funding. Contact us to check the availability in your area.

Why Increase Your Broadband Speed?

  • The government is offering up to £3000 to businesses in your area towards upgrades
  • Faster connection speed make your data backups faster
  • Increase the efficiency of your administration
  • Make connection and running of cloud-based applications faster
  • On a slow network, day-to-day running of businesses can be nearly impossible
  • Support your business growth to increase profits
  • Prevent IT downtime due to slow networks

What's Included

When you take out our ‘Installation Package’ the following is included:

  • Site survey
  • Approved router and wireless equipment to connect to the internet
  • Installation by our trained installation engineers at your home or business address
  • Training (business users) and ongoing support

Once the BDUK Voucher has been signed and confirmed we could install you within as little as 10 days, so why wait? The BDUK funding will not be around forever so make the most of this funding available for your business now.


Find out more about the BDUK Connection Voucher call us on 01928 291 000 or email.